Red Cross First Aid
First Aid & CPR knowledge can help you protect yourself and those close to you. First Aid & CPR skills are
applicable in your daily life, both at home and at work, to prepare you to act on, control and manage life’s emergencies.  Before a professional responder arrives to help, you can make all the difference in helping someone in need.  All of our public courses are Red Cross, however, our instructors are certified to teach Red Cross & St. John courses. We offer Standard First Aid & Emergency First Aid courses on-site (at your place of business).
Because of our commitment to making communities safer, we always offer great rates for groups &  non-profit agencies! 

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Standard First Aid & CPR (Nationally Recognized)
This course meets the requirements for First Aider 1 as outlined by OH&S regulations. 
Students learn comprehensive First Aid & CPR techniques for those who want more knowledge
to respond to emergencies in the home or workplace. A variety of topics are covered from basic
first aid such as cardiovascular and breathing emergencies, wound care, CPR Level A, prevention
of disease transmission to more severe sudden medical conditions and injuries to the head and spine.

Standard First Aid & CPR Information Sheet (PDF, 489KB)

Emergency First Aid & CPR
This course provides simple First Aid & CPR techniques taught in an interactive environment,
for individuals who want an overview of First Aid & CPR for the home or workplace. This course
does not meet the guidelines set by OH&S. The course covers skills needed to recognize and
respond to cardiovascular emergencies for adults, CPR Level A, and other topics such as
choking, airway and breathing emergencies and prevention of disease transmission.

Emergency First Aid & CPR Information Sheet (PDF, 498KB)

This course is designed to provide various levels of CPR training based on participant’s background, needs and interest. A presentation on how to use an Automated External Defibrillator (and certification) is also provided with the course where local legislation permits. Levels A, C and HCP available depending on the skills needed.

CPR/AED Information Sheet (PDF, 459KB) 

Making Our Communities Safer
This logo here means that we meet the standards of the Canadian Red Cross & we are authorized to administer their First Aid programs.This is a Firs Aid Kit - you should know where yours is at your place of work.  If not - check with your supervisor.Yes these little guys do resemble aliens.  But not to fear, these little guys will help teach you how to save the life of a child.
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